When working with our design team you will be embarking on a valuable journey, utilising our professional skills and drawing upon years of knowledge We are proud to provide a service with refined technical capabilities and the ability to execute ideas into a reality, By using Zoe Hubbard Interior Design this reality is right at your finger tips without having to make hasty or uninformed decisions; we use 3D rendering & immersive VR technology enabling you to make considered choices rather than expensive mistakes.

“A picture paints a thousand words”.

Each clients design scheme is available to view in static 360 and fully immersive virtual reality (VR). This latest technology allows our clients to walk around and get a feel for their new room/home before they commit to important purchases such as furniture. Let’s face it, picturing the scene in your head leaves a rather large margin for error.

“This new technology enabled me to be braver in my choices”.

Working directly with architects, specifiers and clients before committing to a full design scheme allows the client to get a sense of how their space will look, and gives the opportunity to move/ swap products, change colours, walls, carpets and more. If viewing in full VR these changes can be reviewed live while wearing the headset, ensuring that clients are able to refine their vision, and get exactly the design/interior they want.

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