The Console Table

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A console table is such a versatile piece of furniture that can be used to add personality & style to your home.

Thanks to it’s slim proportions, it is a perfect accent piece to enhance various spaces. I have gathered just a few suggestions of how & where to use this staple item.

Framing artwork or mirrors is very popular & you can totally see why, giving such dramatic affect this is perfect for an entrance all to give the desired wow factor when walking through the front door.

Enhance the effect by putting matching tall lamps at either end and an assortment of low-slung accessories underneath.

For best results, colour-coordinate the entire arrangement, and hang the picture so its underside is no more than a hand’s width or two from the table top.Create a smart first impression in a country-style hallway by going overboard with super-sized sculptures & ceramics as well as floral displays. Big blooms, such as lavender or hydrangeas, in matching baskets or pots, positioned at either end of the table and framing a large mirror, will be ideal.

Choose convincing fake flowers if you’re likely to let the real things droop. Hide clutter (post, keys, dogs’ leads) in a matching basket underneath.

Create a Layered Look
How to style a console table with a shelf beneath? Set up two different displays for maximum visual impact, with the lower shelf devoted to neat, boxy shapes, and the table top to more random forms.

A gap in the middle of the table top display will make it look purposeful and neat – and provide the pause needed for a mirror or picture to sneak in just above.

Art gallery
Busy, busy, busy… But this display isn’t random. Lamps frame the focal feature of the room – the artwork – with cut flowers at either end heightening the effect.

The pictures are hung low over the unit, while the one with the thickest frame is propped and leans into the gallery, creating an integral link. The chunky bowl echoes the proportions of the leaning frame, while the books beneath mirror the lines of the pictures above.

Home Office
A barely there console table with a storage drawer makes a great small-space desk. Keep the table top minimally dressed: a slim lamp is a must-have, and perhaps a clock radio, but little else.

Ideally, fix a slim shelf above or push the table against a windowsill so you can use the extra surface to display pretty glassware (or attractive storage pots if needed) that coordinate with a colourful chair in front.

Behind The Sofa 

A classic place to put a console table is behind a sofa, whether on show to the rest of the room or, more interestingly, against a wall, where you can frame the view of what’s behind the table as well as what’s on top.