Tame Design Proposal - Zoe Hubbard



20 Highcroft
Husbands Bosworth
LE17 6LF


Invoice Number INV-0377
Invoice Date June 22, 2020
Total Due £720.00
Steve Tame



To create a complete design and furnishing package for various rooms in the home; this package will include furniture, wall covering, window dressings, designer accent pieces and accessories and should be in keeping with the below brief.






THE FEELING To create a sense of wow that is tasteful, timeless & durable. The home should be beautiful and unique to the tastes of the client. The overall style will be contemporary. This theme should be cohesive throughout the entire home.




THE COLOURS Unafraid of colour but nothing too garish. A neutral back drop throughout the house for a cohesive look. Colour to be used in features; this could include darker shades where appropriate.






Items sourced will be in-keeping with an overall contemporary feel, but not ultra modern. The home will be designed with family in mind meaning items will need to be durable but not compromising.








This project will entail a full design service including design scheming, full presentation of visuals & product sourcing. The project will also require a full project management approach including procurement, delivery & installation.




Ground Floor






·        Sourcing & Co-ordination






·        Sourcing & Co-ordination




Snug (Front Room)




·        Sourcing & Co-ordination


Open Living Area/Kitchen




·        Sourcing & Co-ordination


First Floor


Master Bedroom




·        Sourcing & Co-ordination


Tabitha’s Room




·        Sourcing & Co-ordination


·        Presentation Board


·        Floor Plan Drawing


Tristen’s Room




·        Sourcing & Co-ordination


·        Presentation Board


·        Floor Plan Drawing


Anya’s Room




·        Sourcing & Co-ordination






In order to assure a mutual understanding of the scope of this project the following elements are excluded from the project therefore are disclosed as not included:  


 Television/electrical equipment  


 Computer equipment   


Fees & Terms  


I propose providing the above described services in accordance with the following pricing schedule:  


·        Design services at the amount of £720.00


    (3D visuals are available if required at £85 per drawing)


·        Product sourcing & Procurement is charged at 10% of the items cost


Rights in Data  


Zoe Hubbard Interiors and corresponding drawings and work are owned by ZHI, and upon payment in full will become owned wholly by the client; all deliverables will not be released until the initial design fee has been received as well as a signed copy of the design proposal.  


I believe that the task, cost and fees associated with the scope described; here in constitute a sound estimate to establish your family living space as a stylish, sleek and innovative area, If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me, I look forward to our next meeting.   


Yours Sincerely   


Zoe Hubbard        

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Interior Design Scheme as per proposal

Full payment is required on acceptance of proposal, before work can commence.

Sub Total £720.00
Tax £120.00
Total Due £720.00

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Account: 13617874, Sort: 20-52-69