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20 Highcroft
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Invoice Date May 5, 2020
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Charlotte Turner

8 Ashby Road



To create a complete design and furnishing package for the master bedroom; this package will include furniture, wall covering, window dressings, lighting, designer accent pieces and accessories and should be in keeping with the below.






THE FEELING To create a luxurious feeling space that is both functional and relaxing.




THE COLOURS Neutral colours to be used throughout; open to a hint of colour here & there in accent pieces.




THE PRODUCTS  Items sourced need to be modern whilst also being timeless & durable. Some unique pieces & features to be incorporated to stand out & create the “wow factor”.








This project will entail a full design service from sourcing of products, to full presentation of visuals. These visuals will consist of a coordination of colours and will be in keeping with the needs & tastes as written in the above brief.




First Floor


Master Bedroom




·        Presentation Board


·        Floor Plan Drawing






In order to assure a mutual understanding of the scope of this project the following elements are excluded from the project therefore are disclosed as not included:  


 Television/electrical equipment  


 Computer equipment   


Fees & Terms  


I propose providing the above described services in accordance with the following pricing schedule:  


·        Design services at the amount of £0.00


    (3D visuals & Virtual Reality presentations are available if required at £90 per drawing & £135 per presentation.)


·        Product sourcing & Procurement is charged at 10% of the items cost


·        Storage fees are charged at £25 per week


Rights in Data  


Zoe Hubbard Interiors and corresponding drawings and work are owned by ZHI, and upon payment in full will become owned wholly by the client; all deliverables will not be released until the initial design fee has been received as well as a signed copy of the design proposal.  


I believe that the task, cost and fees associated with the scope described; here in constitute a sound estimate to establish your family living space as a stylish, sleek and innovative area, If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me, I look forward to our next meeting.   


Yours Sincerely   


Zoe Hubbard         

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1 Interior Design Scheme as per proposal

Full payment is required on acceptance of proposal, before work can commence.

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