Self Care Tips To Get You Through The Winter

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As British summer time comes to an end this weekend, many people will be anxious at the prospect. I have put together some self care tips & just a few small things we can focus on during this dreaded season to not only make it more bearable but actually make it all a bit more enjoyable too!

                                      1.Practice Gratitude

2. Journal Your Thoughts

3. Take 10 Minutes For Yourself

4. Take a Soak

5. Enjoy a Hot Drink

6. Go For a Walk

7. Have Yourself a Mulled Wine

8. Think About Your Goals For Next Year

9. Organise Your Winter Wardrobe

10. Light a Scented Candle

11. Decorate Your Home With Seasonal Colours & Accessories

12. Curl Up & Read a Book

13. Bake

14. Learn a Skill

15. Declutter Your Home

16. Spend Time With Loved Ones (even if over a FaceTime)

17. Have a Pyjama Day

18. Enjoy an Experimental Cooking Session

19. Plan a Cosy Night In With Your Partner

20. Be Experimental In Other Areas 🙊