Outdoor Living

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Isn’t it a fabulous time during those summer months when we can throw open the doors and enjoy the outdoors for a change.
Here are some fabulous ways to turn your garden in to your new living area. 

Fabulous Flooring

A great way to fuse your home and garden is with luxe decking. Match the flooring with your kitchen to create the illusion of a connected space. Natural wood finishes are popular, but if you want to introduce statement style, a mid-grey will give an outdoor space a sleek and sophisticated feel. 
Rugs aren’t just for inside. Take those old, threadbare rugs onto sheltered terraces and add colour and character to outside spaces.

Open-plan walls

If you really want to make the most of your garden space, open up the walls and replace with huge glass doors or even a breakfast bar for al fresco feasting. With open-plan views of lush greenery and bright-blue skies, you’ll trick yourself into thinking you’re outdoors, even when you’re snuggled up on the sofa. 
Folding screens really come into their own in the garden. Perfect for adding detail and covering up peeling paint or modern brick walls. Ideal behind a bench or outdoor bed.

Trendy table settings

Warmer temperatures, bright blue skies, and sunny days are luring you outside. And if you’re planning to do any of your eating, entertaining, or lounging out there, then it’s time to rethink how that area looks and feels. An interesting table is tantamount to creating a cool outdoor seating area. Dining outdoors is a must when it comes to warm-weather entertaining, dress the garden table as you would your dining table with a fabulous centrepiece of candles, flowers, plants or other decorative pieces. Beautiful crockery & glassware teamed with natural runners & napkins.
#PINSPO (Alfresco Dining)

Cosy seating area

Whatever your space or style preference, there are so many fabulous seating options for gardens. The odd stool or crate will work if short of space and tight on budget, but if you really want to make a statement, opt for wicker hanging chairs, corner sofas or rustic wooden benches. To add a touch of luxury and warmth, pile up cushions and blankets to snuggle under once the sun sets.  
Cushion overload. Small, uninspiring areas are transformed when covered in cushions that encourage people to sit and slouch for hours. Zinc textiles have a gorgeous new collection of outdoor fabrics decorative weaves epitomise relaxed beachside life. Casual linens, raffias and breezy sheers all vie for attention in this chic bohemian collection. Contrasting textures, metallic hints and pops of weather beaten colour evoke lazy days in enviable coastal locations. The collection includes five durable upholstery qualities and a usable semi-sheer with a delicate appearance, all specially designed for outdoor use, with mould, UV and stain resistant finishes.


Lighting is key. Anywhere looks magical when lit with candles and hanging lanterns, and it’s one of the easiest ways to make a fairly scruffy, rented garden look whimsical. If you have beams or bars to hang lanterns from go for it, if not, just litter the place with candles in jam jars.


Create an outdoor den with book shelves, prints and reading lights. Drag your dining table and chairs complete with cushions, flowers and candles outside by adding cushions to low walls, potted plants and spreading out tables and chairs, the space immediately feels lived in and useable.
Sometimes just one piece is all you need. A wide-bench or old, dilapidated bed covered in blankets and pillows are incredibly versatile. Read on it solo, sit and have a drink with friends or sunbathe in the summer.
For more beautiful ways to dress your outdoor living space take a look at my #pinspo