Open Plan Living

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When designing an open plan living space, the most common room you will find is a kitchen, dining room and living room in one open area, many clients are also deciding to combine their bedrooms with dressing areas & en suites for one large space that feels much like being in a luxury hotel.

The beauty of an open plan space is the ease of use & relaxing feeling that it evokes.  Here are some tips on how to create the perfect open space for your home.


When designing open plan living, sufficient lighting is essential to provide for the versatile use of the space.  It will be used for eating, cooking, relaxing and entertainment and so the lighting needs to be maximized to allow for the busyness of the area.  Using large sliding doors are a good way to do this as they provide good natural lighting during the daytime.


The most important aspect to remember when designing an open area is that the space needs to be unified, rather than looking like three completely different rooms in one area.  The way you decide to use colour can help to do this.  By using certain colours or textures throughout the space it will help to bring it together as one.The space should have the same ‘look’ throughout.

Visual room divides

Whilst it is important to ensure the room is unified, it is also essential that you can tell the different areas apart from each other.  This can be done using subtle visual room dividers.  Perhaps changing the flooring or adding a rug where the kitchen meets the living area, or maybe painting the walls of the dining area a slightly different shade to the kitchen to ensure they are defined as two separate spaces.