Nursery Decorating Ideas

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Nursery Decor Ideas

There are so many nursery ideas out there for you to get ideas from, for either a boy or a girl.

Colour Creation

First things first, you need to decide on a colour scheme. Do you want the room to be gender specific i.e. blues & pinks or do you want something that is a bit more gender neutral? grey is of course the most popular neutral and surprisingly it’s a fantastic back drop for the most whimsical of rooms.

The best way to bring in colour is by using quirky pieces and playful accessories.

Quirky Pieces

There are so many fun and magical items to use in your nursery & don’t be afraid to use lots of them! like stars & clouds, animals and quirky characters, the more the merrier if you want that magical fairytale feeling.

For unique nursery decor take a look at Etsy or in local boutique stores where they sell handmade pieces.


Make sure you buy a comfortable rocking chair, making your life easier during those sleepless nights.

Place the crib in a place away from the window or heater – not only for safety but in case they are too hot or too cold. Invest in blackout blinds too – they will help your baby to sleep a little longer.

Lovely Lighting

There are so many lovely lighting ideas for a nursery, from fluffy cloud pendants to cute creature lamps.

It’s a good idea to buy a night light or other type of low light lamp, this will allow you to leave it on if necessary for checking on baby or when baby wakes up and needs to be soothed. The main light in the room may be too harsh.

Nursery Necessities

Storage is high on the priority list- you will need so many boxes, shelves and bins to store all of baby’s things. It will feel so good to be totally organised and have a place for everything you need. When you feel tired after hours of not sleeping, it will make life a bit easier to know where everything is in the room.

In the beginning – keep it simple and as clutter free as possible. Soon enough it will be filled with clothes, toys and books.


Most importantly have fun! Enjoy mixing and matching items you love. It most definitely doesn’t have to be a room painted in white with white furniture and accessories.

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