How To Create Balance & Harmony In Your Room

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The most liveable and inspiring rooms are a combination of different elements which when  balanced correctly creates an effortlessly inspiring space.

One of the easiest ways for me to explain the concept of balance & harmony in interior design, is to tell you about the 80/20 rule.

The 80/20 rule is quite simply balancing 80% of one thing with just a splash of another this is the 20%

Following the 80/20 rule can help with combining colours, textures, or even different style periods which is one of my favourite ways to design.

For example old and new pieces in a variety of styles gives a room a sense of having been assembled over time.

An easy way to mix old and new is to consider a room’s architecture.

If you live in a 1930s house, you can incorporate some period pieces, and then add contemporary lighting, rugs, or accessories to bring the rooms into the 21st century.

If you live in a brand new high-rise apartment, choose a Persian rug, an antique mirror, or a vintage chandelier to create a sense of history and warmth

However it is important to follow an 80/20 ruling to get the balance right or you’ll end up with a complete mish mash.

Avoid unnecessary clutter in your living spaces – clearing clutter will make a space seem bigger as there’s less for your eye to focus on. It will also make it easier to find things in the space and there will be less ‘competition’ for your attention when showing off your prized possessions e.g. art, sculpture etc.
.Focal points provide ways of guiding the eye away from less attractive features and towards important elements that give the room interest and character.

.Symmetrical arrangements are associated with elegance and harmony, so always aim to follow the rules of symmetry, particularly when planning the position of the main elements in a room.  Using a lot of symmetry in a room creates a very formal atmosphere. But you can loosen up the styling by using groups of different objects on either side of the space that overall have the same visual weight, this will make the space feel more relaxed, but still have a hint of being formal.

.Use the visual weight of each element in your room (it’s size, shape, colour and pattern) to create an overall balance within the space.