How To Choose The Right Carpet

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sinking your toes into a luxurious woollen pile or the look of a beautifully designed carpet complementing your decor. And if you choose a quality product and look after it properly, it will perform well for years.

From vibrant colours to compelling modern patterns, carpets are on trend again. Here, we explore the hottest looks underfoot.

The Perfect Pattern


The level of detail that is now possible in weaving means that modern carpets can have fantastically intricate designs. Alternative Floorings’ latest collaboration with Margo Selby is a great example; The designs Margo has created for Alternative Flooring are inspired by a collection of deflected double-weave cloths that have been hand-woven in Margo’s studio. The uniformed geometric design in her patterns reflect the structured nature of weaving.  Margo’s iconic Fair Isle design is also available as a 0.69m wide Quirky Runner.

Soft & Gentle

luxury carpet

Bedrooms don’t experience the heavy traffic of a hallway, so this is the spot to indulge in that plush velvet pile, deep textured frieze or shag pile,

Luxurious new styles include high, dense twists, chunky felts and oversized loop piles. The latest blends combine wool with everything from silk, linen & new blends of synthetic fibre.  

Colour Combination

29.RO 2015.Fitzroy-Bright

Neutrals will always be safe, but a small dash of vivid carpet can have a big impact

High-traffic areas, such as hallways and stairs, require a strong, durable carpet in a forgiving shade, such as a level loop pile in a moderately dark or striped colourway.

The hallway and other small areas are the places to play with colour. You can have fun without it being too overwhelming.



Wool is an all-time favourite, but the of more rustic natural carpets, whether about sisal, jute, coir or seagrass, natural-fiber carpets are bang on trend. It is a wonderful addition to just about any room, from modern to traditional. They’re often affordable, eco-friendly and the element that ties a room together. I love the natural and earthy texture.