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Creating the perfect space to work from at home is all about being expressive yet practical, creative yet productive, in turn helping you to become all of these things when working away.
With high gloss finishes, abstract art & perfectly layered shelving, I’m thinking of adding a little of this Pizzazz to my own workspace.

The Space

inspiration zone

Start with the space, make sure to choose a location that is defined for work, tucked away from the rest of home life i.e. a guest room, under the stairs, an alcove in the kitchen, even in a secret cupboard. This will ensure you don’t have to tidy everything away when you’re mid-flow and then get all your work out again to forget where you were. It will also prevent you being distracted and tempted to “oh I’ll just finish this” during family time.


Let your desk be the blank canvas and have fun dressing it, go white or grey gloss, perhaps glass or an oak wood finish. Brighten this up with a bold chair think bright colour & geometric pattern.

Get Organised


A tidy desk means a tidy mind, so remember to invest in some decent storage systems and get organised. Drawers, boxes, files, baskets, it really doesn’t matter as long as the system works for you and you know where things are. If you have the space it’s always nice to have a mixture of these things for added interest.


Add a splash of colour with abstract or quirky art prints contrasting with framed text prints.

Shelf Life

Black and white work space with plenty of shelving for storage

If you struggle with space, remember to use the height of the room by using shelving units or hanging.
Layer your shelving with different shapes / textures & perhaps colour, adding greenery, personal treasures, storage boxes & books.


Instagram/@pearlsandpastries 30 Chic Workspaces From Pinterest and Instagram | StyleCaster

Why accessorise your fireplace but not your desk? Make your office a place you want to spend time in.
Flowers/ candles even a pretty cup & saucer will really add a touch of glamour.
Remember shopping for your new pencil case? Even getting a new rubber was exciting (might just be me?)…I still love stationary shops- Display your stapler/pens & pencils.
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