Get Wonderful Windows

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A window treatment is often the most eye-catching element within a room.

Windows are a focus of attention, both inside & out, and deserve to be given original treatment; this gives you the opportunity to be really creative and to achieve stunning designs. Sometimes the windows themselves are an outstanding feature and merely need dressing; where the windows themselves are not very interesting, the options for curtains are much wider.

Colour& Textiles:Colour is dependent upon light, and light will be different in each room, according to the number and size of the windows, the aspect of the room and any obstruction to the light.A large sample of fabric can be very helpful when making your selection as it will give you an idea of how the finished curtains could look and how they might be gathered, drawn back etc…

Style: When selecting a style for curtains or blinds, it is the room’s architecture, in particular the style and proportion of the windows and their surrounds, that provides the inspiration for the window treatment. You can gather inspiration and ideas of traditional curtain methods from current programmes like DowntonAbbey, these magnificent treatments can be re-created using in-expensive fabrics, such as calico lined with fringing to make them seem more luxurious. Full length curtains do not have to be too formal as long as the effect is sumptuous.


                                                                                                          If privacy or the view is a problem, you will have to devise a scheme which conceals or minimizes that problem, without blocking the light.


In the showroom we have noticed a surge in sheer curtain sales, along with the availability of beautiful sheer fabrics, I think this comes down to how we are now building our homes with beautiful bi-fold doors and large windows that we don’t want to hide…they are perfect when you are looking to keep your view but at the same time care for privacy. They are cut out for ultramodern, light-colored interiors as they are almost transparent and allow you to keep the décor minimalist.


A heading is the top piece of the curtain that attaches to the track, rail or rod. There are many different heading styles and each will affect the overall look of your curtains and how they work with the existing décor. The most common types are:

PENCIL, PINCH PLEATS, TAB TOP, EYELETS & my personal favorite…the WAVE heading because it’s simple timeless & can be adapted to most schemes weather modern or traditional.


Another option for your windows is blinds & again there are many options available, Roller blinds great for bathrooms & kitchens, Roman blinds which allow you to be more creative as there are hundreds of available fabrics &are a great decorative element in a room.

Venetians, Vision Blinds & Shutters are also available & are great options for privacy




It’s all a matter of taste and budget and can always be adapted to each individual I’d recommend talking to a professional to help figure out the options available to you.