Creating your dream dressing area…

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Many of us see dreamy dressing areas in movies or on social media and believe it is just that, a dream.  However creating a beautiful and affordable dressing area is much easier than you may think! Here are some useful tips to help you make your dream a reality…


The use of large windows in your dressing area will fill your space with natural lighting which is useful when applying makeup, or choosing your outfit for the day.  If you do not have a window in your space, don’t worry! All it takes is some smart lighting; layering is key.  It is best to have a bright pendent light, with softer lighting dotted around the room.


Keeping a tidy space is important in keeping the area stress free. Whether you are getting ready for work or a night out, you want to be able to keep a clear head to start the day or night right.  Having the right amount of storage will ensure that the space stays tidy and clutter free.  The amount of storge you need is personal to you.

Choosing colours

It is best to use neutral colours for the walls and main features of your dressing room as it will give the illusion of a larger space, with hints of colour spread around the room to give it personality.  By using neutrals, it also ensures the room doesn’t clash with your clothing, and highlights them beautifully, making it easier to match their colours together.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Using large mirrors will help to not only brighten the space, but also give the illusion of a larger room.  You will want some full length mirrors so that you can check out your whole outfit, as well as smaller mirrors for makeup/ hairstyling etc.