Ways To Use Parquet Flooring

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Elegant, timeless and incredibly versatile, parquet flooring is being revived.
Depending on the wood, the size of the blocks and the finish you choose, you can create a whole range of effects. A very dark, high sheen chevron looks wonderful in a contemporary space, or the same pattern in a mid-oak colour using short, reclaimed planks gives a much more lived-in and relaxed feel.

The Traditionalist

There are several parquet patterns that have been the traditional design choice over the centuries. The most popular of these is the herringbone pattern, which can either be laid with the notch of the “V” running lengthways across the room, or set at a diagonal in the room. Slight variations on the herringbone are the double herringbone, where there are double blocks of wood in the distinct interlocking pattern and the chevron, where the ends of the blocks are mitred see below…


   Other Traditional Parquet Patterns…

The Basketweave…


The Brick Pattern…


The Original Versailles pattern…


Modern Make Over

The traditional patterns a still predominant in the industry but we are beginning to see different ways in which to add a contemporary twist to bring them up to date: for example using unusual types of wood, using larger sized basketweave tiles or staining the parquet very dark & sealing with a high gloss finish.


If you like to live on the edge of design trends then mix things up a bit with new & contemporary parquet patterns, such as Jamie Beckwith’s beautiful & quirky patterns featuring all kinds of fascinating tile shapes.

jamie beckwith Jamiebeckwith

Or is colour your thing? Keep the traditional laying patterns and add a splash of colour to your floor, look at this fabulous idea….

Colour parquet

Fake It

Traditional hardwood, stone and ceramics can be limited. Whether you want to make a statement or create a seamless, natural flow throughout your living space, Amtico offers a range of high-performance flooring that will enhance any home. Choose from two main collections: Amtico Signature- A premium collection of custom design flooring that offers a vast selection of designs and laying patterns, giving you the freedom to create a floor unique to you.
An Amtico floor doesn’t just offer design flexibility that can be completely tailored to your individual taste and requirements unlike many traditional options.