Interior Design With A 70’s Vibe

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This year design is going chic & glamorous with a laid back 70’s vibe, capturing the decade’s style with over-the-top accessories and bold colour schemes.

Perfect Pattern

OL 26

When adding visual interest to a scheme patterns are absolutely key and even more so when adding some retro flair. Mix bold geometric patterns with curvaceous shapes for high impact. It should go without saying that patterns should play more of an accent role. Imagine how overwhelming it would be if a room was full of pattern, there would be no place for your eyes to rest. Instead, focus on choosing one or two design elements that could benefit from a few pops of pattern and make those the focus of the space, i.e. windows, walls, flooring, furniture along with some accented additions.

Colour Block

colour blocking

Taken from the world of fashion, colour blocking is a great way to really brighten up any room. Color blocking is a dream trend for those who really want to make a statement. Make it wild and neon if you dare, but remember the design can turn overwhelming if there are too many dazzling shades competing for attention. While it’s okay to pair three intense colors, the safest formula that guarantees harmony and good balance is “one bright, one bold, one neutral”. This way you will maximize the impact of each color and avoid blinding your guest. The combination should attract attention, but remain easy on the eye.


seventies accessories

Art can really brighten up a room and it can give it a fresh perspective; abstract & pop art are two very popular types of art along with brave photographic prints.. It is not always easy to match art with the décor of a room but a one of piece needs to stand out & create a story of its own. Art can however help you establish a color palette for your room. You can take a color and repeat it in the fabrics or in the accessories.

Amazing Accessories & precious metals

interior trend 2016

Think over the top & theatrical when adding finishing touches to this style from decorative feathers to bold foliage. Metallics feature prominently again this year mixed with highly polished stone & lacquered floors contrasting with natural materials like retro wooden occasional pieces & fur, hide or cosy shag-pile under foot.

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