How To Use Colour In Interior Design

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One of the most important decisions to be made when creating your home interior will be the colour scheme. There are plenty of ways to create stunning results when choosing colour and you can create a scheme to highlight your personality, lifestyle, the period of your home and even emphasise or disguise certain elements of a room. In simple terms however there are 3 key options to consider when developing your colour scheme.


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This look is created by using a number of colours of the same tonal value. For example, using pastel colours in the same tone such as green, blue, lilac & pink. This similarity ties the colours together and prevents one colour dominating and throwing the scheme off balance.


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Complimentary colours are those that lie opposite each other on the colour wheel. If used subtly in a room, they can create the most dramatic, yet flattering effects.


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Many people think a monochrome scheme refers only to black & white but it can actually mean the use of any shade, tint or tone of one particular colour