Using Colour Pattern & Texture

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Texture, pattern & colour are vital elements that come in to play in any interior;  however it can become a task that can be quite overwhelming with the vast amount of materials, textures and colours on offer.


Colour can affect your emotions and your behaviour, getting it right in your interiors can be a crucial element to a happy home. The primary function of the room should first be considered, in order to choose the correct colour, for the mood you wish to create. Warm colours, for example, are believed to encourage conversation, and therefore work well in the living room. Red however can be seen as a colour to encourage eating, and therefore may want to be avoided in some rooms, when considering fabrics.


A well-designed rooms greets the senses on a variety of levels. It is not enough for something to just look good from a distance; it should also feel good to the touch and a combination of different textures will add visual weight & balance to any interior.


Just as you think about colour, line and texture, also consider how you can mix pattern in your room schemes.
Patterns are exciting to use and can lift a scheme from the ordinary to the spectacular! There are several types of patterns to ponder over when selecting the fabric for your interiors. Floral, paisley, geometric, novelty, ethnic and stripes are just a few to choose from. When deciding upon a pattern it is crucial that you consider the other items of furniture and the size of the room. In a large room a small detailed pattern can easily be lost.


Choosing a bold solid colour or patterned material is often a fun way of making a feature out of your upholstery. It is a necessary however to make sure that you will be able to live with the statement piece of upholstered furniture, making sure other furnishings in the room are kept simple and minimal. It could be as simple as adding a bold, colourful cushion to a plain sofa, which can then be changed as trends move on.